Is Print Advertising Effective for Kitchen Remodelers? A 2024 Case Study

Home improvement advertising is changing rapidly, and kitchen remodelers need to stay ahead of the curve. But 2024, is print still worth the paper it’s printed on? This case study reveals surprising insights on whether magazine ads and flyers are still bringing home the bacon (or not!). Spoiler: some results might shock you.

The Effectiveness of Print Advertising for Kitchen Remodelers

Every business and service is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. For niche products ordered online, print ads might not be the best ROI. However, for services like kitchen remodeling, print ads can be very effective. Remodeling projects are big-ticket items with longer sales cycles, and print ads provide repeated exposure. Homeowners considering a kitchen remodel might see your ad multiple times, keeping your business top of mind.

Case Study: House to Home Pages and Kitchen Remodeling Leads

House to Home Pages, a direct mail magazine in Dallas, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri, has helped many home improvement businesses generate leads. This case study focuses on how print advertising benefits kitchen remodelers. We’ll use data from the 2024 Project Decision Study to show the potential of print advertising for kitchen remodeling businesses.

Print Advertising Often Gets Overlooked

In the digital age, print advertising often gets overlooked. Yet, House to Home Pages has consistently delivered strong results for its clients. Year-to-date it brought in 128 leads for a kitchen remodeling client, proving print advertising still works.

A Look at Consumer Spending Data on Home Improvements

From 2015 to 2024, consumer spending on various home improvement projects increased significantly:

  • Remodel Basement/Attic: +100%
  • Remodel Kitchen: +63%
  • Add/Replace Insulation: +60%
  • Plant Garden/Landscape: +49%
  • Paint Exterior: +44%
  • Replace Roof: +35%
  • Garage Enhancement: +35%
  • Rewire Electrical: +33%
  • Remodel Bathroom: +33%
  • Replace/Refinish Floor: +23%

Key Findings from the 2024 Project Decision Study

With a 63% increase in spending, kitchen remodeling is a profitable market. Despite digital marketing’s dominance, print advertising remains effective for reaching target audiences. House to Home Pages’ approach has consistently generated leads, including for kitchen remodelers. Consumers are willing to invest in home improvements, especially kitchen remodeling, creating a prime opportunity for kitchen remodelers.

Success Story: XYZ Kitchen Remodelers

XYZ Kitchen Remodelers, a reputable firm, wants to expand its client base and increase leads. Despite having a strong portfolio, the company struggles to reach potential customers. By partnering with House to Home Pages, XYZ Kitchen Remodelers can boost lead generation through print advertising. House to Home Pages targets high-value homes in Dallas and St. Louis. Unlike digital ads, print ads offer a lasting presence, capturing readers’ attention for three weeks. House to Home Pages provides detailed analytics on lead generation, helping businesses make informed decisions.

Wrapping Up. Print Advertising’s Relevance in 2024

Even in a digital world, print advertising remains relevant and effective, especially for home improvement businesses like kitchen remodelers. By using print media, kitchen remodelers can reach more leads and succeed in a competitive market. House to Home Pages can help you achieve similar results. Interested in more leads for your business? Call House to Home Pages today for an Intake session.